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20 mm Flip-off Tear Down
"U" Type / Angle Type Seal
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20 mm Tear-off Seal
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20 mm Beading Type Seal

Introducing Easy To Open Seals

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- Controlled Opening Force.

- Easy to Open for Doctors and Nurses

- No Sharp-Edge Formation After Removal of Plastic.

- 100% Market Complaint Free Aluminium Seals.

- Specially Designed for Exporting Products to Developed Markets

i.e. United States of America, Europe, etc.

- 105 Plastic Colours to Choose From.

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Controlled Opening Force
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No Sharp-Edge Formation
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100% Market Complaint
Free Product

Annual production capacity

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600 million units

Welcome to HBR Packaging

A Complete Sealing Solution For Vials & Injectables

We are proud to present ourselves as 2the pioneersĀ in the manufacture of Flip-off seals in India which is widely used for sealing vials & Injectables in pharmaceuticals companies. Our company was established in 1981 & since then we have emerged as the leading supplier of caps and closures to pharmaceutical Companies. We are supplying seals to more than 150 Pharmaceutical Companies all over India. Our Annual Production capacity is about 450 million units. We Manufacture a vast range 8mm / 13mm / 20mm / 25mm / 28mm /32mm / 33mm / 34mm of Flip-off & Tear-Off seals. We have developed 105 colours for Flip-Off Discs & 14 Lacquered shades of Aluminum Sheets for our Customers ….. Read more